2019 was a big year. It brought us nationwide launches of 5G in South Korea and across 50 cities in China, the rise of TikTok as the most downloaded app in the Apple Store, a “raid” on Area 51, Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer-beater shot heard around the world and, of course, the launch of Futurithmic.com. 

In the last twelve months, we launched a digital publication, a six-episode documentary series and a podcast — all dedicated to exploring emerging tech and tech trends, and how they will impact the way we’ll live and work in the future.

Let’s take a look at what our readers loved this year.

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The articles you couldn’t get enough of

This year our readers were most interested in smart cities, autonomous vehicles, deploying 5G, and what automation means for the future of work across industries. 

  1. The key to 5G success has nothing to do with technology
  2. The five levels of driver autonomy
  3. Five of the biggest challenges facing 5G
  4. Industry 4.0 could create millions of jobs
  5. The smart cities forecast
Sandy Pentland and Michael Hainsworth in conversation

Our most popular videos

Our video and podcast host Michael Hainsworth had a big year, traveling around Canada, the US, and Great Britain to pick the brains of industry experts on what they imagine the future will look like. 

  1. Will Big Data Affect Government Policies? 
  2. AR and the Future of Identity
  3. Saving the Future of Esports (from itself)
  4. The Future of Shopping in the Age of AI
  5. Finding Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts
an illustration of Patrick Donegan

The hottest podcast episodes

5G security was a hot topic this year. Two of our top five episodes focused on the importance of developing a new outlook on security, keeping in mind that 5G will allow us to connect up to a million (!) devices per square kilometer. 

  1. Level up 5G security efforts with Patrick Donegan
  2. Experiential computing with Tom Edwards
  3. Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales on the future of truth in news media
  4. 5G Security: With flexibility comes complexity (with Simon Osborne)
  5. Waves of innovation with Marcus Weldon

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